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Required Core Uniform

  • White or grey socks
  • Grey or red tights
  • Red school AS sweatshirt or red AS V-neck jumper or red AS cardigan
  • Red V-neck sweatshirt or red V-neck jumper or red cardigan with AS sew-on badge (available from the All Saints School office this year) £3.50 per badge
  • Grey knee-length skirt, grey knee-length skort, grey uniform style trousers or grey uniform style shorts
  • White shirt
  • School tie
  • Back-pack (AS branded – available but optional)
  • Black flat school shoes/or completely black trainers (no colour at all)

During the first half of the Autumn term and the Summer term – children can also wear

Red/white checked dresses or red/white checked Playsuits

All Saints white polo shirt without a tie



PE/Games – all terms

We have six house teams at All Saints. Each pupil is allocated a house.

Equiano (blue)


Cavell (red)

Wesley (green)

Liddell (yellow)


Pankhurst (purple)

Seacole (sky blue)













Plain black shorts/cycling shorts

A pair of plimsolls or trainers

Black tracksuit bottoms (optional)

Soft PE bag (AS branded - available but optional)


Art and Craft

Art and craft overall (old shirt)


Small stud earrings only which must be removed before PE/or taped over.

A watch.


Children whose hair is shoulder length or longer must keep it tied back at all times. Hair ties and headbands should be school colours - red, white or black

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