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Year 6 Summer Term

A final term filled with fun, friendship and reflection – a time for our Year 6 children to see how brightly they have shone whilst continuing to inspire others to ‘let their light shine’ as they embrace their vision statement ‘Footsteps to the Future’.

A roller coaster of emotion as Year 6 reflect on their past achievements, celebrate their journey and look forward to new experiences! Launched with a trip to Lego Land, a thrilling experience - catapulting the children into the world of business, through an action packed ride of project based, work experience all linked to their maths learning for the term! The children will work together to design their very own, competitive theme park through an exciting adventure of problem solving, marketing and management!

Finally, their last Learning journey is ‘How can we create a lasting legacy?’ This historical adventure starts by having a roundabout hook day learning about the legacy left by four different remarkable civilisations from history. Following this, we find out more about the amazing Ancient Greeks and what legacy they have left on the Western World. The journey concludes with the children thinking about what legacy they want to leave behind at All Saints for generations to come.

In this final term the children have some wonderful experiences, including ‘Smoothie Day’ to prove their readiness for the wider world as they draw on our school values and character virtues – ready to embrace the next stage of their unique adventures.

Year 6 Greeks
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