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Year 3 Summer Term

As we start a brand new term, our Year 3 children reflect on the many ways they might grow this year as they engage with their first project of the spring term ‘what makes a garden flourish’.  This learning adventure sees the children fully immersed in the story of the Secret Garden, in search of the old keys and hidden door as they explore our school grounds, plant seeds and investigate plants.

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Year 3 garden flourish 2023

After half term, our Year 3 children will be embarking on the adventure of a lifetime as they climb mountains and travel the sea, thinking about the question: ‘should we be treated equally in a disaster?’

As our children explore the natural world around them through geography and science, maps and investigation, they will work together to discover how the earth is structured and how natural disasters such as volcanoes and earthquakes occur. As part of an immersive virtual-reality workshop, the children will stand within a volcano to experience the phenome first hand.

From volcanic ashes to the icy seas, a special ticket to board the maiden voyage of the Titanic awaits the children. All aboard for a thought provoking adventure!  As the Year 3 children settle into their cabins and submerge themselves in the Titanic based story, Kaspar Prince of Cats, they will begin to form their own opinions and viewpoints as they grapple with their project question ‘should we be treated equally in a disaster’ whilst also drawing their own conclusion to the question ‘who is to blame for the sinking of the Titanic?’

Year 3 Disaster 23
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