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Year 5 Spring Term

To begin this term, we explored Fleet in the Victorian era and thinking about what life would have been like as a child in the 1800s. We did research of various places within Fleet, discussed what the building would have been used for during the Victorian era, how it has changed now and an eye witness account of it. We produced booklets with QR codes for our parents to scan and be taken back in time as they visit Victorian Fleet.

Next, we blast off into space as we think about 'Is it wise to explore the unknown?' We explore the International Space Station, research what life is like as an astronaut and travel into space to find out what is really out there! Year 5 receive a letter from Sir Richard Branson, who has given us the task of designing space hotels for potential customers. We find out more at Winchester Science Centre and travel through space in the exciting planetarium! We finish the topic with our very own planetarium in the Hall, where parents can read through our persuasive travel brochures.

Year 5 Victorians 2023

We do lots of research of life in the Victorian era and how different our lives are to now.

We finish the topic with a booklet on Victorian Fleet and the children can do a tour of various Victorian buildings.

Scan the QR code to listen to one of the many fantastic examples we made!

Year 5 Space

We blasted off into Space and started our topic with an exciting Hook Day roundabout, including producing art and taking part in astronaut training!

We found out more interesting facts at Winchester Science Centre, including watching the brilliant planetarium show.

Finally, parents were invited into the hall to look at our travel brochures for a hotel in space! 

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