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Year 5 Summer Term

Get ready for an amazon adventure – a journey deep into the heart of the rainforest, rich with ancient tales of ‘The Great Kapok Tree’.  This term, supported by a trip to Kew Gardens, our Year 5 children will experience life in a rainforest as they enquire ‘what makes something valuable’.  Through the arts, design and descriptive writing, our children will bring the deepest, depths of the rainforest alive as they craft and perform their very own puppet shows – unveiling hidden secrets and words of warning.  A project filled with both wonder and worry for our wonderful world.  From the great layers of the rainforest to the biomes and climates of the wider world, the next adventure sees our Year 5 children investigating ‘is change a good thing.  This enquiry, supported by ‘A Journey to the River Sea’, sees our children taking on roles as scientists and researchers as they grapple with the impact of climate change and the relocation of endangered animals.  A term filled with awe and wonder for our world with opportunity to consider the impact of our actions and those things most valuable to us.

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