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Year 3 Spring Term

As part of our ‘What can we learn from the past?’ learning journey, the Year 3 children are taken back in time to the Stone Age! We begin the term by transforming our classrooms into Stone Age caves, in which the children gather around the fire and create incredible art work on the cave walls. We learn all about how the Stone Age people would have lived, what tools they would have used and how they would have hunted.

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Year 3 Cave to Colosseum 2023

The children took a big leap through time, finding themselves in the Iron Age.

It’s plain to see that the Romans and Celts who live in Britain at the time aren’t getting on very well at all!

We learnt about the lives of the Celtic people and how everything changed when the Romans invaded. We asked questions such as: Why did the Romans invade? Who was Boudicca? Why did the Roman Empire fall?

To really bring this learning journey to life, we visited Butser Ancient Farm and sat inside a Celtic roundhouse, roamed around a Roman Villa and learnt skills and techniques used by everyday people in the Iron Age.

Year 3 Easter RE
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