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Year 6 Autumn Term

At the very start of their Year 6 journey, our children pack their bags for a week away on the Isle of Wight, learning about and exploring coastal erosion amid a week filled with action and fun!  This residential trip sees our children grow in courage, confidence and independence as they embrace new challenges and face adventure.  On return to school, our children use their first-hand experiences to investigate the learning journey question- ‘The Sea: Friend or Foe?’. It is a geography packed project where the children get an opportunity to improve upon their map work skills and learn all about the changing coastlines in the UK and around the World.

After half-term, we venture into our new learning journey ‘What influences our identity?’ Through this highly thought-provoking project our children learn about online safety, self-identity and what healthy friendships look like. Get ready for a term packed with outdoor adventure, character growth and rich reflection. 

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Year 6 Sea 2022

For our hook, we went on a residential visit to the IOW. We did lots of exciting activities such as Jacob’s ladder and the Sensory trail. We also had a day trip to Tennyson down and The needles.

We had an amazing time and made memories that we will never forget.


When we got back to school we learnt a lot about coastal erosion and how it can have an impact on coastlines around the World. We used our knowledge of the IOW and came up with our own strategies on how to help the problem of erosion in The Maldives.

In art, we found out about Hokusai the artist and then recreated his painting ‘The Great Wave’ by using translation and layering.

Year 6 Identity 2023
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