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Year 4 Spring Term

A vibrant and history rich term filled with creativity, curiosity, costume and community-based outcomes!  

The new term launches with a powerful journey of discovery as our Year 4 children consider ‘Are we a reflection of our ancestors?’ as they travel back in time to explore the Anglo-Saxon period.  As they discover what life was like during this period in British history, our Year 4 children also engage in an art journey of self-portraits – culminating in a wonderful ‘Portrait Gallery’ shared with parents.

We then continue our history by embarking on a Viking voyage in search of dragons and treasure, as they investigate ‘Were the Vikings raiders or traders?’.  As they continue their journey through time, their historical adventures are bought to life with dressing up and drama – concluding in a Living History day, where children share all their knowledge and skills learned partaking in re-enactment activities.

Year 4 Reflection of ancestors
Year 4 Raiders or Traders
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