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Through our rich Curriculum at All Saints, we are committed to fostering a culture of enquiry through a variety of technology as well as developing our pupils as computer scientists.  At the heart of our school curriculum is a desire to spark our children’s curiosity about the wider world, nurturing a sense of belonging, care and responsibility; technology allows us to do this in new and effective ways, acting as a gateway to the world.

The ability to understand and use technology as a tool is a vital part of an ever-changing world.  We understand that technology has opened up our world and gifted us with mind-blowing innovations in communication, entertainment, medicine and more.  However, at All Saints we want our children to be creators, not just consumers.  Therefore, through exciting and interesting coding lessons, children will develop creative and flexible approaches to problem solving that allow them to apply their knowledge in fresh, original ways.  They also engage with a range of devices and programmes to create high-quality content.  Whether it is a short film about the Titanic, a recording of a WW2 soundscape, or a PowerPoint showcasing their research, children are taught to use technology with purpose and understand the creative potential it allows them.

However, alongside this world of opportunity comes responsibilities and on-line safety must be a key part of everyone’s developing technological awareness.  For us at All Saints, on-line safety is a focal point throughout each computing module, preparing our children to be responsible members of our ever-growing on-line community.

With our All Saints Values at the heart of everything we do, we encourage each child to use technology to seek out new information, develop ideas, discover the world and nurture new friendships in a way that not only enhances their own lives, but the lives of others too.



We offer an ICT after-school club called ComputerXplorers.  This is led by ICT specialists and delivers high-quality computer activities designed to bring computers and technology to life.

“Programming, digital storytelling, animation, web design, coding, robotics, video game design, music technology – the list is endless.” (Taken from ComputerXplorers website)

“The technology you use impresses no-one.

The experience you create with it is everything." 

Sean Gerety


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