Dear God I’m glad no-one was killed in the fire – especially the Vicar

We have been writing prayers and messages and drawing picures  about our sadness over the fire and or hopes for the future of All Saints Church. These have been put up in Ss Philip & James Church. There is no doubt which message was most appreciated by Reverend Mark.

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We are very proud of our successful 'Steps to Awesomeness' scheme.


Our pupils are encourage to perform acts of Appreciation, Courage, Exercise, Goals, Kindness, Participation, Positivity and Service to achieve well deserved awards.


Throughout the years they work towards different levels e.g. in Year 3 the bronze level, in Year 4 the Silver etc.


Click here to open our booklet and find out more.




 Growing Money!


We have given every pupil £1.50 and challenged them to use their talents, gifts and entrepreneurial skills to grow it. The money raised will go towards celebrating our 150th anniversay.


So far we have raised




What have you done with your £1.50!


Watch this space to find out what amazing ideas we've had.



Sofia bought ingredients for bread! She made bread rolls all be herself and set up a stall to sell them and made £6.bread

Meghna Allingham planned and held a film night. She made tickets and posters.  Picture3
       201412011019 0001




     Daniel Crowder-Bright bought sweets with his £1.50 and made up sweet bags to sell. He made £3.Picture1   George Wright in 6KO is hoping to make £30 by making raspberry jam! He picked raspberries at a ‘Pick Your Own’ fruit farm and bought some jam sugar. George’s mum found a jam recipe?????/help him make 12 jars of delicious fruit jam. He has sold 3 jars at £2.50 each and plans to sell the rest to relatives and neighbours.



Haris Ali in 4EW grew his £1.50 by making vegetable burgers. He spent his £1.50 on buying the vegetables and burger buns.

They chopped all of vegetables, then they cooked the burgers. Mrs Ali took them into the school office to sell them to the staff of All Saints School. The staff told Haris that they were absolutely scrumptious.




 Isabel made cakes. She sent invitations to her neighbours to come to the cake sale in her porch that she'd decorated.Picture2


Local boy James Stone from 6KO has had the idea to grow his £1.50 by selling some incredible plant pots, with plants inside! He made the pots by priming and spray painting tin cans, and they were fantastic! He decided to plant some bulbs in them, to add to the excitement! When the plant pots were finally finished, James’s Uncle’s 60th birthday party was coming up. He decided to take his pots to the party, as there would be lots of people there. He managed to raise a whopping £21.00 to give to the school! He is going to try to grow it even more, making it even more likely that All Saints Junior School will be able to afford an African roundhouse.


Isabel Walten from 6SC has been selling sweet cups, brownies, truffles and exciting stuff on eBay. So far she has made an incredible amount - £50!





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Teddies for The Gambia

Each year some teachers visit The Soma School in The Gambia. We have been linked with them for over 14 years and we have learnt so much from them.

Last year we took 110 knitted teddies with us, each one attached to a letter from a year 3 pupil. They were given to Soma school pupils and they wrote a letter back to our children about themselves. It worked so well we have decided to do it again this year.

Janet, the lady that knitted many of last years teddies and 85 of this years teddies, visited Year 3 to show them how she knits them. It takes her nearly 4 hours to make one teddy. Here are some of last years teddies and some thank you cards from 3HS to Janet.


teddies  teddy mrs hughes 
 teddy soma  teddy teacher
 201401271342 0010  201401271342 0002

  Peace One Day

You may already know that Peace One Day led the initiative to establish the first ever annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence, unanimously adopted by United Nations member states as 21 September – Peace Day. You may also know that they then proved that the day could work in areas of conflict, most notably in Afghanistan, where Peace Day agreements have led to the vaccination against polio of 4.5 million children in recent years.

These successes and many others led Jeremy to launch the Global Truce 2012 campaign: the largest global reduction of violence, and the largest ever gathering of individuals in the name of peace on one day – Peace Day 21 September 2012.

At All Saints we thought about peace worldwide and in our own lives, and what we could do to help. We wrote prayers and promises, just a small contribution but if everyone did it .......

peace 1 peace 2  
peace 4 peace 3  



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