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Last term our topic was 'A Place of Our Own'


We will be growing our children's awareness and sense of responsibility for both their school, local and wider community.

Our first aim in Year 3 is to help our children establish their place in our school community whether this be as part of a team, in a club, a class representative or just finding their place as an individual in the classroom. During the term, the Year 3's will be introduced to our All Saints Values and will learn how they can put these into action both in school and at home.

Through Geography, our children will broaden their understanding and awareness of their local community. Using a hands on approach through activities such as field work in our local streets or gardening in our school grounds, the Year 3's will gain a sense of place at a school and local level.

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During the term, our Year 3's will engage with our thriving project with The Gambia and thus broaden their understanding of the wider world. Through joint curriculum projects with Soma Lower Basic School, our children will develop their global skills and grow a sense of care and respect for community life in Africa.



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