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This term our topic is 'People of our Past'.

 This term our topic focus is History with a focus on the Celts and Romans.


Also, have a look at the Pupil page to see the teddies Year 3 are sending out to The Gambia this year.



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Gardening Project week and

Gambia Week in the Autumn Term

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We have also been thinking about the people in The Gambia and have written about their struggle to get to the rice fields to grow their crops.





 Myth Quest Chapter Three

 Heroically, a gigantic monster rose up from a pile of huge, stumbling rocks!  “Roar!” grumbled the terrific monster.  Joshua’s eyes arched at its tumbling body, his eyes caught something glimmering.  “It’s a diamond!” he thought.  He had to aim the stiff sword at the chest.  “Roar!” yelled the grizzly monster.  The ground shook beneath his feet... “I’m doomed” he thought...

 Incredibly, the monsters hair spit some venom at his feet.  Stuck on the spot, Joshua thought about his tools...”my rope!” the fearless hero told himself.  He lassoed the quick catching rope at a spike stuck on the sticky roof.  Urgently, the angry hero pulled himself fiercely free.  Joshua swiped his shining sword at the hilarious monster.  Missed, missed, missed, hit! 

 Suddenly, the unhappy monster dribbled to slime.  “Hooray!” cheered Joshua.  As Joshua walked away from the cave, he found himself in the city.  “The King must be waiting for me”.  Joshua strolled through the city gates.  “Well done” said the King, he was very happy.  “While there’s blood in my veins, evil will never win!” Joshua thought happily. 

 Beyond the night, the King decided to have a feast.  When the great feast had come, Joshua thought about the beasts lurking ahead.  But he knew that there were more quests ahead....

 Written by Roni Asp, 3CR