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All Saints Open Mornings & Evening - 2014

Monday 13th October, 2014 - 7:00 pm

Tuesday 14th October, 2014 - 10:45 am

Wednesday 12th November, 2014 - 10.45am






Roundhouse Project - please vote for us!

All Saints Junior School is about to celebrate its 150th anniversary and this also coincides with the 15th anniversary of our partnership with Soma Lower Basic School in The Gambia. As part of the celebrations, we are hoping to build a fantastic outdoor classroom in the shape of traditional African Roundhouse. We have put in an application to the Lloyds Community Fund and are delighted to have been shortlisted. This means that we will receive between £500 and £3,000 depending on the public vote. So please vote for us!


The number of votes received will decide on how much money we are awarded with (£500, £1000, £2000 or £3000). For us, £3000 is our dream goal in order for the African Round House to become a reality in time for the 150/15 years celebrations in June!


Voting for the Community Fund


How to Vote: One vote only per email address, Twitter account, mobile number or branch visit. Please vote by all four means if you can!


Online voting:
(when you get to the website, enter our postcode GU51 5AJ into the community search box and then you will find our school).


Twitter: TWEET#COMMFUND DVY to vote for All Saints Church of England Junior School


Phone: Text ‚ÄėVOTEDVY‚Äô to 61119


Branch: Visit a local branch ‚Äď Fleet, Farnborough, Camberley or Yateley.











SIAMS Report

Click here to see our recent Diocese report.



Admissions Appeals

If your child has not been allocated a place for September and you would like to appeal, please contact Nick Sadler at Hampshire County Council 01962 847318




 Internet Safety update from Paul Hay


Over the summer holidays you may have heard the sad story in the news of Hanna Smith, the 14 year old who took her life after experiencing cyberbullying through a site called


I appreciate that many adults have not come across this site, so I thought I would send a couple of links in case you would like to understand more about it.


This links provides a downloadable guide to from the Saferinternet Organisation


and here is another useful on-line guide for parents and teachers.


 Internet Safety Day

Last July, we held our internet safety day. The children attended an assembly aimed at their particular age group and had the opportunity to take part in activities designed to help them to understand how to stay safe on line. In the evening there was a parent talk.

Click here for the parent handout


 Click here to see a presentation about the expansion project


Click here to see the Weekly Bulletins


 Lamin and Fatou Kinteh

In June we were very fortunate to have Lamin and Fatou Kinteh visit us for 2 days. Lamin is the manager of the Karia Konko Scout Lodge in The Gambia and is an important link between us and The Soma School we are twinned with. He manages the money we raise for the school and makes sure it is spent on the projects we have fundraised for.

While they were here they cooked, drummed, taught Mandinka and answered thousands of questions.

Lamin gave us a letter from the Head teacher at the Soma School...


Dear Sir

      Re: Gratitude for the support given to the Soma Proper Lower Basic School

 On behalf of the School Management Committee, the Parents-Teachers-Association, the staff and pupils of the above school and on my own behalf, I wish to thank you very much, and through you, the head mistress Mrs Wyld, the members of the school’s board, the Parents-Teachers-Association, if there exisist one, the Staff and pupils of All Saints Junior School for the laudable and timely support that your school has been giving Soma Lower Basic School since the establishment of the link.

 Some Proper Lower Basic is one of those schools built by Action Aid International’s Gambia Office way back in the early 1980s. Since its opening the level of support received from your school through this link is unprecedented.

 The diverse interventions in the area of improving infrastructure and other facilities which have a great bearing with the improvements of standards and quality are really tremendous and fruitful.

 The reconstruction of the dilapidated classroom blocks, the construction of toilets, fencing of the school campus, the provision of a standard library and the recent tiling of all the classroom are indeed a great gesture.

 These are clearly a manifestation of the commitment of your board and the school authority to improve not only the education of a set of Gambian Children but also the livelihood of these children.

 Through this support, I hope quality will be attained.

 Thank you

 Yours Faithfully

 Lamin Njie




WOW ‚Äď Walk Once a Week

We are now part of a Hampshire project to encourage pupils, parents and teachers to walk to school at least once a week. Even if you live too far away or don’t have time to walk the whole way to school, why not park a short distance from school and walk at least 5 -1 0 minutes to school.

There will be a chart in every classroom and at the end of the month, those that have walked once a week will get a badge.

To encourage our children Strider turned up to welcome the children.



School Expansion Update

The Governing body has taken the
decision to deliver the expansion scheme in partnership with the Guildford Diocesan Board of Education (GDBE) rather than Hampshire County Council. As a result, after a competitive selection process, we have appointed WYG Management Services Ltd to manage the project. Whilst we understand that this is unusual for a Hampshire school, it is a practice that the GDBE operates for non-Hampshire schools, and one that the County Council have agreed to support the school with.
Further details, including p
lans of the new proposals will be
posted here shortly.

Information about our school expansion can be found on the A-Z of Information page under 'Expansion'.
Click here to go there.