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Our Local Community

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Our Local Community


All Saints Church




 We are a Church of England Junior School and are linked with All Saints Church in Fleet.
Reverend Mark Hayton is the Vicar.


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Every year we have a baptism service for our pupils that would like to be baptised. The vicar leads the service.


We make displays for the church. This is one we made during our Commonwealth Week.



As you can see in these photos, our Main Choir, Chamber Choir and orchestra performed their summer concert at the church.

We also have our Year 6 Leavers Service here as well which parents and reletives are invited to. 

Christmas Truce P and J 

Following our project week on WW1, some of us gave a presentation about the Christmas Truce in the All Age Worship Service at All Saints.

We also put up displays of our work in both churches. Here is our P and J display.





Tavistock Infants School


Tavistock Infants is next door to us and a lot of the pupils come to our school eventually. Throughout the year, all the Year 5's get to visit the Infants at lunchtime for a week to play with the Year 2s. We also have a group of Young Leaders from Year 6 that visit the school regularly to teach games.
 In the summer term, the Year 2 pupils come to our school for several visits to get to know us. They also come to watch our school production in July.
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Calthorpe Park Comprehensive School calthorpe
Calthorpe Park is the nearest Senior school to All Saints. Click here to go to their website
 Court Moor School


 Court Moor is the other senior school

  in Fleet.

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Our choirs often sing at events held in Fleet, for example at the Fleet Hospital fete and the Christmas Festivities. PB240020


Fleet Rotary Club


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We have been involved in with the Fleet Rotary Club on several projects.
 They have kindly donated to our Gambia project and came to our Gambian Evening in 2010.
We also participate in their Inter-school Pancake Race every year.


Guildford Cathedral


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We regard Religious Education as very important in the life of our school. Every child is expected to adopt a Christian attitude which encourages a happy and caring atmosphere.

The syllabus is set by the Diocese of Guildford and has much in common with the current Hampshire agreed syllabus.


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Our UK Community

Latymer All Saints Primary School in Edmonton, North London DSC06615
We have a link with Latymer All Saints School. Our Year 3 and 4 pupils have made friends through email. In 2010, Year 3 went to visit them and had a great time learning circus skills. In June 2011, Year 4 came to our school for a treasure hunt and to meet up with the friends they made last year!
In the same month our Year 3 went to visit them. We are hoping to continue the visits as the children progress through the school.

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latymer DSC06602
Red Nose Day sport_relief_10_021b
Every year we participate in the Red Nose Day fundraising events - Comic Relief and Sports Relief. comic

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Our Global Community

The Soma Lower Basic School, The Gambia, West Africa  
Every year, some staff visit the school and take letters and pictures to them, and bring work from them. This way we can learn about each other.
We also fundraise for them to help with their learning. We have given them a reading scheme, musical instruments, tables and chairs and lots more. We love hearing about them and seeing the photos the staff take.

Click on our Gambia Project tab to find out more!
199 DSC00439
Peace One Day  
For many years we have been taking part in Peace One Day. On 21st September, the Peace One Day group ask for peace so they can perform life-saving activities in war torn areas such as giving vaccinations.
Two years ago, we Skyed the founder, Jeremy Gilley, to ask him questions about this cause. Last year, we were very lucky because he came to our school! This year, we are contacting friends and family around the world to spread the news of Peace One Day so more people can take part.
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